Continuing the journey which began in Antigua and was inspired by Grandmother Mamma Lolly

Perfect Fusion.

This Journey began when mum and daughter team Maxine and Donna started a tiny vegetarian Café on the beautiful island of Antigua. This café was named after grandmother Mamma Lolly.

Sauces available at:

The Prince Alfred Pub

Bon Appetit Deli

New stockist

Liberté Chérie

Zero waste grocery

291 Portobello Rd, London W10 5TD

We are also at:

The Prince Alfred Pub

Bon Appetit Deli

73 Castellain Rd, Maida Vale, London W9 1EU, UK

Aaron Minter (Extreme Heat Challenge) shares his story about one of his favourite sauce makers, the wonderful Mama Lolly’s.


David F.

“(Red version) One of the best hot Sauces I’ve had, heat and flavour both absolutely bang on! Really thrilled to have found this little gem of a hot sauce!”

Harrie S.

“Vivaciously astonished by the whammy of flavour that hit with my first taste of this sauce.. and then the fire… oh lord have mercy. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that it doesnt go with blueberries.. i’m telling you.. that’s a win win combo right. Well done Mama Lolly.”

Jbluu M.

“Mama Lolly’s is one of the best sauces I’ve tried in a long time!! And I’ve tried many all around the world. Red sauce is absolutely fabudelicious! And if you can’t do spicy, the green seasoning is sooooo tasty! I ended up mixing some of the red with the green sauce. Wow! What flavours! Love love love! I just ordered 4 extra bottles!”

Leee R.

“Mama Lollys sauces are absolutely amazing, best thing I’ve discovered in London in a while, highly recommended 😁”



Rick C.

“Delicious! Just like biting into a fresh habanero.”

Rochelle M.

“Our order arrived! I opened the Tropical and took a spoonful. I wish I have a better word right now to describe how amazing your sauces are. How do you get the ingredients to do that?! Honestly, the flavour!!”


Ify N.

“Takes right back to my childhood. Just finished my first bottle of red, gonna buy a red and yellow each.”

Serena W.

“So so tasty…yellow is my favorite, great way to spice up a traditional English roast dinner.”

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